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A Strong and Thriving Community

We were looking for a faith community with shared interests and spiritual goals and found that community here.

So Much More

When my family and I first visited Augsburg, we were looking for several things…

The Small Things

Martha Claire Henzler was looking for a church with a worship style rooted in tradition, but a congregation open to new things. As a mother, she was also interested in her children’s faith formation and knew that a good confirmation curriculum was important to her.

Agape and Eros

Elisa Barger came to Augsburg Lutheran Church as a two-year-old toddler. Supporting her was a family history of Lutheran tradition extending at least three generations into the past.

A Home — Past, Present, and Future

When my family relocated to the Winston-Salem area, we began looking for a church in the ELCA that offered active ministry teams and a vibrant youth program. Of course, at Augsburg, we have found both those things and so much more, including wonderful pastors and staff. 

Changes for the Better

Robert Reinhard was born in Cumberland, Maryland.

A Home Away from Home

When Hannah Norem arrived in Winston-Salem to begin her studies in the Wake Forest University School of Divinity, she was settling in a city that she knew little about.

The Liturgy Inspires

When Bill came to Augsburg, it filled a need in him that he didn’t know he had–a desire to have a creative voice in the liturgy.

In Search of Home

For Liz, a faith home is one that helps her feel tethered to God through music and through connections with the people.

Sharing God’s Promise

I’m Jean Brickhouse. I joined Augsburg in 1982, just before getting married. My husband was already a member. I wanted...

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