A Home — Past, Present, and Future

When my family relocated to the Winston-Salem area, we began looking for a church in the ELCA that offered active ministry teams and a vibrant youth program. Of course, at Augsburg, we have found both those things and so much more, including wonderful pastors and staff. 

Several specific moments come to mind when I remember what made me realize Augsburg was my church home. The first came during our initial visit to Augsburg as I walked into the beautiful sanctuary. Another especially warm memory was our first Thanksgiving luncheon, which took place the same day we became members. Finally, there is the feeling I had when I watched our daughter join the rest of the youth as they packed up to go on the fall retreat to Lutherock. 

Over the years, I have seen and appreciate how active and engaged the ministry team is. Their focus is not just on the worship experience and the care of congregational members but on the needs and concerns of the wider community as well. The same can be said for so many of our congregation members. 

I think about the gifts that our founding members and all the succeeding generations have made over the decades to enable our church to thrive. I would like to help motivate generous giving now and for the decades to come. We can only carry on all our programs of worship and service with the generous support of all members.

My hope is that current and future generations feel comfortable and know that Augsburg is their home, their church. If and when members see opportunities for the church to grow in new directions, I can only hope that they have the spirit, strength, and resilience to follow their thoughts and ideas and make them happen at Augsburg. 

David Grossnickle

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