Augsburg accepts online gifts to the Current Fund (general operating fund) and to the Building Fund.

Augsburg Online Giving

Get a Login.

Online Giving is available through Realm. You will need a login to REALM, and you’ll need an invitation to get a login. Use the contact form and select Realm Admin to request an invitation to Realm.

Offset the processing fees.

Please be aware that there are fees associated with online giving that will be charged to the church’s account each month. We encourage you to check the box to offset some of these fees.

Consider your options.

You probably have online payment services through your bank that allow you to make contributions directly to Augsburg from your checking account occasionally or on a regular schedule. Most banks now offer these services and they are typically free of charge to the account holder.

FEES applied to online gifts.

For contributions made by eCheck, there is transaction charge of $0.35 / transaction and a processing rate of 0.90%. For contributions made by Debit or Credit card account, there is a charge of $0.35 per transaction plus 2.65% of that gift. (there is additional transaction charge is 3.5% if you are using AMEX.)

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