Brief History of Augsburg Lutheran Church.

Augsburg Lutheran was chartered as a mission church in September of 1891 with forty-six charter members. W. A. Lutz was called as the first pastor of the congregation and began his ministry in January of 1892. The congregation’s first church building was built on the northwest corner of Fourth Street and Spruce Street. With the personal dedication and sacrifice of many individuals, and a loan from the Southern Province of the Moravian Church, the new sanctuary was completed, and dedicated on July 14, 1895. Ministries of the congregation grew and it was not long before plans were made for a new, larger church. The congregation voted to build a new sanctuary on West Fifth Street in 1925, and dedicated the building in September of 1927. The congregation flourished and grew, adding staff, a new wing for education classes, sponsorship of sister congregations south and west of town and partnering social ministries with other downtown churches.

Today, the congregation continues to thrive and grow in ministry.

Built on the foundation of previous generations, Augsburg continues to be a solid and engaged presence in downtown Winston-Salem. Drawing disciples from all areas of the city and surrounding communities, the congregation is actively engaged in ministries that encompass worship, education, witness, service and fellowship. Liturgical worship is practiced with enthusiasm and meaning. Ministries for young children and youth strive to provide rich educational and life experiences for faith development. A music ministry that includes children, youth and adults leads the congregation in worship with a broad repertoire ranging from the earliest Christian hymns to music composed in the last week! Educational opportunities for children, youth and adults are offered on Sunday mornings and throughout the week. A dynamic youth ministry program engages, challenges and guides through acts of service, witness and fellowship. And, the congregation is actively engaged with various social outreach programs in partnership with a variety of partners.

Join the congregation for worship, jump into a bible study, get involved in an outreach program, and join us in fellowship. To find out more, simply come and see.


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