A Strong and Thriving Community

My wife and I came to Augsburg in 2001 shortly after getting married. We were looking for a faith community with shared interests and spiritual goals and found that community here. The following year, we officially became members.

Among our earliest memories were Sunday school lessons with the New Horizons class that Pastor Shirley Harrison was leading. Having our first child baptized at Augsburg further strengthened the feeling of belonging.
Over the years, I have especially come to appreciate the diversity of Augsburg’s ministry. We are large enough to offer worship experiences and social activities for everyone to enjoy, and service and community outreach opportunities for people with a wide range of skills and interests. Our members engage in activities as varied as quilting, making music, teaching, managing the church’s finances, working with the homeless in our shelter…and so much more.
To help support all these worthwhile ministries, I feel it is my responsibility to contribute generously to the church. Only when members contribute as generously as they are able will we have the means to continue providing such outstanding programs.
My hope for the next generation is that no matter how much our ministries change and evolve in the future, our Augsburg community will remain strong and thriving. I pray that the church will be a place where future generations can grow in faith for the next hundred years and more.

John Collins

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