Agape and Eros

Elisa Barger came to Augsburg Lutheran Church as a two-year-old toddler. Supporting her was a family history of Lutheran tradition extending at least three generations into the past.

As she grew, the church remained an integral center of her life. Upon reaching the age and maturity at which she thought of marriage and family, Augsburg presented a fellowship opportunity at just the right time. A young adult group combining members of Augsburg and another Lutheran congregation in town sponsored a five-week course in “How to be Single and Happy.”

She and a fellow student from the other congregation (he also of deep Lutheran roots) drove together to the class and would share dinner afterward. Despite learning the merits of being single, they ultimately must have failed the class, because less than a year later, they were married and happy.

They later returned to Augsburg where they have been involved and committed members for many years.

Elisa believes that the Lutheran faith is based on care for others and that with God’s help she can do her part. The love she has found as a member of Augsburg is now something she shares with others.

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