Daily Digital Devotions for Lent

Throughout the season of Lent, Augsburg will be offering a Daily Digital Devotional. Instead of “giving up” something this year, you are encouraged to take part in these devotions on Augsburg’s YouTube Channel.

Each day will offer a different way of connecting your faith journey to this Lenten season:

Monday’s Devotions will focus on the gift of musical offerings from artists within the Augsburg Community
Tuesday will feature the Faith Stories of Augsburg members who share how God is at work in a variety of ways in their lives.
Wednesday will feature a recording of a brief Lenten Worship Service led by Pastor Wollner
Thursday will feature a Bible Study led by Pastor Carter on Philippians and the Baptismal Journey
Friday will feature stories of Augsburg’s Social Ministry partnerships throughout the community.

Each of these devotions can be found here: