Maintenance Report

Use this form to report a maintenance observation, a needed repair, or a needed replacement/replenishment. The form will be sent to staff and members of the Property Team. Thank you.

Maintenance, Repairs, Replenishment

  • If This is an Emergency call (336)722-8144

    or Call Congregation Leadership
  • Choose “Repairs or Maintenance Report” to report something that needs to be repaired. Choose “Order or Reorder” to report something that has run out and needs to be replaced such as office supplies, kitchen supplies, cleaning supplies, kitchen supplies. Choose “Inform Property Team” to suggest something that should be on that Team’s agenda to be addressed in the future by Property Team.
  • If it will help us locate the issue you are reporting, select the choice that most closely describes the area of the church where the issue can be found.
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
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