Worship is a central part of our lives as Lutherans. Every Sunday, we have the opportunity to say out loud what we believe about God, and what we believe about Jesus, and what we believe about the Holy Spirit. We ask for forgiveness and we pray for others. We sing songs and we recite text that has been spoken for centuries. We partake in Holy Communion. These traditions allow us to grow deeper in our faith and in our communities.

Throughout worship, we are able to concentrate on the many things that God does for us. As a congregation, we are brought together for worship to learn from one another.

What do children and youth do during worship?
Children are creatures of habit. They learn by doing things, and by doing them repeatedly. Coming to church is the best way for children to learn about God’s love and how we worship together as people of God. Everyone is welcome during worship. Everyone! From the newest babies to our oldest disciples. Weekly, as we gather together in congregational worship, opportunities to serve and engage are open to all.
Youth provide service during worship through key roles, such as acolytes and communion assistants, which are part of the Order of St. John.

Little Church

For ages 3 (& potty-trained) thru early elementary gather near the nursery during Connected Worship (8:30 a.m.). Kids learn about worship while their parents worship & will rejoin worship after a Children’s Sermon in the sanctuary.

How can I help my child be engaged during worship?
Keeping your child engaged during worship is important. We want children to be comfortable, and we want them to know how important worship is to our faith journey.

  • We encourage you to sit close to the front of the sanctuary with young children, which allows them to be able to see and hear better.
  • Talk with your child about what’s going on in the service.
  • We offer a children’s sermon, after the scripture is read but before the regular sermon.
  • We offer two different children’s bulletins—pre-reader and reader.
    These bulletins help children remain engaged during worship, as well as understand the lesson for the day.
  • In addition to the bulletins, we also have Little Lutheran Bags.
    We have three different bags–pre-readers, emergent readers, and reader bags.
    An usher can direct you to where the bags are located.

What if my child is loud during church? Children making noise in church is not a problem for others, especially our worship leaders. As a parent, you will need to handle this how you feel most comfortable, but please know this is not considered a problem for those around you.

What about Holy Communion?
At Augsburg, practice open communion.
Open communion means that everyone is invited to the table to receive communion. Everyone. No age requirements or special classes.
As a family, you determine what you feel most comfortable with, and when you feel like your child is ready.
To deepen their understanding of communion, fourth grade students can attend a Communion Retreat, which happens each spring.
We take communion by intinction using wine and wafers. (Intinction is just a fancy word for dipping.) We offer regular and gluten free wafers.
If you would like to talk a Pastor about communion, click here to contact.

Do you offer a nursery?
While everyone is welcome in worship, if you decide that you want your child to visit the nursery, we have one! Our nursery, which is located on the same level as the sanctuary, is staffed with a paid attendant and a volunteer. An usher can direct you to where the nursery is located.

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