Help with the ministries of the congregation in 2020

Time and Talent forms were mailed this week and should receive yours soon, if not already. There are two forms in each packet.

Please review and complete one form per person as soon as you can and return them to the church. There will be a basket to collect the forms in the narthex.

If you only need one form, you can return the extras to the narthex when you come to worship, so others can use them. If you need additional forms you can pick up what you need from the extras stack in the narthex, or you can download the PDF here and print what you need.

As we journey into Advent, take a moment to reflect on the gift of community we share at Augsburg Lutheran Church. This community thrives on the prayerful participation of all who are able to share some time and their talents (or interests/skills) in support of our ministries.

Read about needs that we hope will align with your interests, your time and your talent you have to share.

Lowrance Middle School Volunteers

As you have heard, Augsburg has partnered with Lowrance Middle School for Volunteer Support. There are lots of ways to help. The school is appreciative any time you can share and they are very flexible and accommodating. Speak with Robin Welch to see how you can help.

Security Monitors

There is a new Security Task Team focused on monitoring and maintaining campus security and access to the building. Leadership is looking for 8-12 people willing to help monitor the campus on Sunday mornings. Once every 4-6 weeks you would be scheduled for this monitoring duty. You would be watching for anyone who needs some help with access, or anyone experiencing a health or mobility issue. The plan is to schedule volunteers so that they can worship at their typical time and monitor the alternate service. With a brief training session, you would be ready to help. Questions? Speak with Matt Cournoyer or John Bandle to find out more.

Worship and Music team has some needs to emphasize.

Communion Set-up/Clean-up

Each Sunday a few people are needed to set-up communion before the 8:30 service, reset communion following the 8:30 service and then to clean-up communion following the 11:00 service. Different people are assigned as a team to each slot, requiring about 30 minutes of your time once a month. We are looking for a couple of people to help with set-up and clean-up.

Altar Guild

Altar Guild is looking for two people to form a new team. Teams of two cover a month of Sundays, twice a year. Duties include care for all liturgical furnishings and paraments, and preparation of the altar for Sunday worship.

Communion Assistants

We are looking for a few people to add to the roster for communion assistants. This is an easy, way to participate in worship and assist the clergy with the distribution of the elements. Duty is scheduled each quarter and you can sign-up for dates that fit your calendar, working out to about once a quarter.

Faith Formation Team has some needs to highlight.

Nursery Volunteers

The nursery is staffed by a paid person and volunteers each Sunday. There are three time slots— 8:30 Worship, 9:45-10:45 Sunday School, and 11:00 Worship. Our Nursery security standards require two adults working together for this important ministry of hospitality and presence. Quarterly sign-ups make it easy for you sign-up for times that work for you. Get to know our youngest visitors and disciples and their parents!

Children’s Sunday School Teachers and Substitutes

There is no other way to say it— teaching Sunday School is a big commitment, but it is worth it and so important! We have teachers and substitutes in place now for 2019-20 but ask you to consider how you can help with this ministry in the future.

Also, there is also an opportunity to help with the children’s opening and closing. This might be a perfect opportunity for you if you’d like to help occasionally.

Creation Care Task Team

There is a new Creation Care Task Team focused on finding and implementing ways for the Augsburg community to be more ECO conscious. This group is just forming and would welcome all those interested in encouraging good stewardship of God’s creation by reducing, reusing and recycling. Help us get this going.

Office Support Task Team

The Pastors and staff are looking for volunteer help in the office during the week. We are looking for a few people interested and able to volunteer in the office. Duties and time commitment vary. Speak to Parish Administrator, Nancy Carbone for a better description of the help they need.

If we may draw your attention to particular needs you’ll see highlighted in the Time and Talent enclosure. You can sign up now and find out more later, or contact the listed individual who can answer questions.

Ministry Teams who need help—

Christian Education, Evangelism, Stewardship and Youth Ministry (David Grossnickle)

Lowrance Middle School Volunteer partnership (Robin Welch)

Security Task Team (John Bandle)

Communion Set-up/Clean-up Teams (Claire Wynnemer)

Altar Guild Team (Claire Wynnemer)

Communion Assistants Team (Diane Evans)

Children’s Sunday School Team (Leigh Anne Voigt)

Creation Care Task Team (Kevin Kooken)

Office Support Task Team (Nancy Carbone)

Any other questions? Contact Stewardship Ministry Team.