Service Bulletins

SVC Bulletin for the Third Sunday of Advent

“Rejoice always,” begins the reading from First Thessalonians. Isaiah and the psalmist make clear that God is turning our mourning into laughter and shouts of joy. “All God’s children got a robe,” go the words of the spiritual. It is not so much a stately, formal, pressed outfit as it is a set of party clothes, clothes that make us feel happy just to put on. We receive that robe in baptism, and in worship we gather for a foretaste of God’s party.

SVC Bulletin for the Second Sunday of Advent.

John called people to repent, to clear the decks, to completely reorder their lives so that nothing would get in the way of the Lord’s coming. The reading from Isaiah gives the context for this radical call: the assurance of forgiveness that encourages us to repent; the promise that the coming one will be gentle with the little ones. Isaiah calls us all to be heralds with John, to lift up our voices fearlessly and say, “See, your God is coming!” We say it to one another in worship, in order to say it with our lives in a world in need of justice and peace.

SVC Bulletin for Compline, Sundays in Advent

In a world rushing to celebrate Christmas, we offer this service of quiet, silence, and serenity in the midst of our chaotic lives. We take the time to prepare for the Christmas season through this contemplative season of Advent—a season of expectation, delayed fulfillment, and hope. The Office of Compline, the last of the daily services of prayer and praise, dates back to the 4th century monastic tradition. It traditionally includes psalms of comfort, an evening hymn, a confession, the Gospel Canticle of Simeon (“Now, Lord, you let your servant go in peace…”), and a blessing. These services will be sung by the Compline Choir—a choir consisting of singers from several faith communities—on behalf of the assembly. You are welcome to close your eyes and allow the powerful, reflective nature of chant, silence, darkness, and candlelight wash over you. May you feel God’s peace throughout this season of Advent.

SVC Bulletin for the First Sunday in Advent

Stir up your power, and come! The psalmist’s plea in Psalm 80:2 has become familiar to us in the Advent prayers. Isaiah wants God to rip the heavens open. Both cry out for an apparently distant, angry God to show up, to save, to restore. When we hear Jesus describing the coming of the Son of Man with stars falling from heaven, it can sound dire and horrible, not like anything we would ever hope for. But when we really look at the suffering of people God loves, we can share the hope that God would tear open the heavens and come.

SVC Bulletin for Christ the King Sunday

On this final Sunday of the church year our gospel is Jesus’ great story of judgment. In the end, the faithful are those who served Christ by ministering to those who are poor, hungry, naked, sick, or estranged. In the first reading God is the shepherd who seeks the lost, weak, and injured and feeds them with justice. We gather this day to celebrate the reign of Christ and his victory over death, yet awaiting the consummation of all things yet to come. Acknowledging Christ as our merciful ruler, we go forth that his reign may be known in our loving words and deeds.

SVC Bulletin Twenty-fourth Sunday after Pentecost

Our readings during November speak of the end times. Zephaniah proclaims that the coming day of the Lord will be filled with wrath and distress. Paul says it will come like a thief in the night and urges us to be awake and sober. Jesus tells the parable of the talents, calling us to use our gifts, while we still have time, for the greater and common good. In a world filled with violence and despair, we gather around signs of hope—word, water, bread and wine—eager to welcome the good news of Christ’s coming among us.

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